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We are proud of our leading brands that we market in Switzerland and Duty Free Airports

Siberia Snus
Oden's Snus
Vika Svensson Snus
White Fox Snus
Puck Snus
Nico Snus
Black Widow High CBD
Healthygarden CBD
CBD Daily Drops
red kiwi E-Cigs
red kiwi NUDE
red kiwi CLOUDBOX
red kiwi JOKER
red kiwi BASIC NEO
red kiwi OMG
red kiwi Selection Liquids
red kiwi Graffiti Juice
Vika Black Snus
Vika Pink Snus
Vika Red Snus
Vika Blue Snus
Vika Deep Blue Snus
I love Vika Snus
Atomic Lighters
Atomic Grinders
Atomic Bongs
Atomic Festival 
Atomic Tubes
Atomic Filter
Atomic Charcoil Filter
Myon Lighters


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